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Brown, you may remember, produced the legendary Willie Horton ad in the presidential election. James, thanks for coming on. And that just seems an unfair standard to me. He claims to be a new Republican with new ways and new ideas yet is falling back in the same old bind. Because Brown, United Citizens for Political Victory Fund, all of these folks have no agenda that supports helping the needy and the disadvantaged.

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But more to the point, what do you mean that he is one of us? I mean, what does that mean? Also in the past, he has turned around and made promises to us in the past to help out and look for us in our community, and he has forgotten everything he has promised. I cannot speak to that. Now that ad, which has gone down in history as somehow unfair, racist. That was, in fact, true in every regard. It was an ad about a man called Willie Horton who was in prison in Massachusetts. He was let out by Mike Dukakis, then governor. And he went and raped a woman in front of her husband. Now, whose fault was that?

There are plenty other folks that could have been used to send the same message.

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That was race bating and in fact inflamed the senses and fears of white America about black America. And it set us back in race relations. It happened. Telling the truth about what a guy did is somehow wrong because of his skin color? I mean, grow up. I mean, he did it. He raped a woman. Maybe you could have found a white guy who did it. You could have put on the air a white man who, in fact, murdered his wife and pregnant—who was pregnant with child and said how husbands need to be responsible.

You chose the fact to make a race out of an issue, and that is clearly wrong. We can handle it in this country. We can make our own decisions. And there is no reason to call people racist for speaking what is, in fact, true.

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Back to Michael Steel. So he goes to a fundraiser with this guy. When the governor went to an all-white country club.

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When in fact, Bennett said statements about black children, black babies and crime, he did not say anything about the one on his show. How do you feel about that? Thanks a lot, very much. Plus, a Utah man running for Congress is convinced Satan himself is working against him. Did good conquer evil?

Sounds like a double standard. Details in just a moment. The United States Senate today rejected by a single vote a proposed constitutional amendment that would have banned desecration of the American flag. The vote fell just two votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass an amendment. The Supreme Court ruled in and again in that flag burning is protected as free speech by the First Amendment. The proposed amendment was seen by most as a Republican effort to fire up its conservative base for election season. One of them—maybe the only one left is the symbol of our civic religion, the American flag.

Hate speech, for instance, is essentially illegal, and that definition changes all the time. Well, first, is it free speech or not? Is it protected under the First Amendment? Yes, duh. How do you get rid of an old, tattered flag? You burn it. You burn an old tattered flag. Therefore, it is an expression, and you are infringing upon freedom of expression. In fact, to even have a vote on this is unconstitutional.

Congress shall make no law.

It is inconsistent with a lot of the things I believe. However, there are two reasons. One, every kind of smart person, all the people I work with, Ann the kind of in the know upper west side decent liberals, many of whom I really like, are appalled at the idea that the Neanderthals in red America could support a flag burning amendment. Therefore, you know, I kind of it. I feel about this as I do about Ann Coulter or the flag amendment. We have a lot of them. Maybe this should be ours.

When I see these idiot Muslim extremists in the Middle East, and there are so many of them there, burning American flags. I think you idiots, you fools, you are not free to burn your flag in your country, but we are free to burn that same flag that you have in ours. We are free to do that. We can burn any flag we want in this country. It depicts American soldiers acting like pigs.


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It also shows a Jewish-American doctor cutting out the organs of Abu Ghraib prisoners and selling them, to pander to stereotypes common to the region. Actually I have nothing against the Muslim film festival, Max. When the mullahs take power in the Unite States? Not me. You can say it.

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The point is This from the Middle East, the part of the world which in typical tradition, the most foul tradition, commits a crime and then accuse—denies that they did it and then accused Jews of committing the crimes, destroying the trade center, which is like common belief among school children in the Middle East. Here is the defense. The Christian rally that they wanted was a religious political rally. This is a cultural festival, which in we may not like. If they try to have a Christian film festival, I assume that they would be able to. They would be attacked by the board of supervisors.

Here is the bottom line. And only the weak be good. And that is the central problem with the left of this country; reflect in KOIS.

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Now to in a heated congressional race in Utah, one Republicans are watching closely to gauge opinions on illegal immigration. Businessman John Jacob, who favors a tough stance on illegal immigration, he is putting up a valiant fight in the primaries against five. The results show he is trailing in the polls by more than 15 points, and not bad for a man who says Satan has been hindering his campaign.

Cannon, Congressman Cannon had the president and first lady making phone calls on their behalf. Any politician gets it. Every rock that they could look under to find out anything that they might be able to use against me has been looked under, and the fortunate thing, all it did was get me name recognition. You know, people tease about just make sure you spell my name right, so I guess they put the sign behind my head so anybody would know exactly how to do that, right?

The implication from your comments, though, was that there were spiritual forces at work, spiritual forces at work, do you believe that? And as far as politics are concerned, it should be left out. So from now on I will leave it out, and from now on, adversity will happen. John Jacob, running for Congress for the third district in Utah. Not all districts reporting. Click or tap right here to Cursed imageMost cursed images 3 i.