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Did you know the Beatles were from Liverpool??? That would be a laugh if they went there. On top of that, as if they needed literally anything else to discredit their ridiculous theory, Logan Paul is looking to join their ranks, saying that he is on the cusp of becoming a Flat Earther. I want to explore for myself and keep an open mind.

Flat Earth Supporters Now Plan An Antarctica Expedition To The Edge Of The World

For all I know — in my infinite wisdom — this could be a mockumentary where Paul is taking the piss and if it is, then apologies… I was wrong. The YouTuber endeavours to make his way to the edge of the Earth with a trip to — and presumably past — Antarctica. So the sun, moon, and stars are all inside. The coast of Antarctica on the ball earth is no more than Alfie Powell joined as an apprentice and was probably hired because he was likely the only person who applied. He's been blagging his way through writing articles for four years now and he's definitely showing signs of slowing down.

When not writing for The Hook, Alfie finds time to indulge in his favourite hobbies, such as drinking and sitting down. How to Experience the Edge: On tour operator Africa Exclusive's Jack's Camp tours, stay in a luxury tent on the desolate salt flat, or quad-bike across the cracked landscape for a few days then sleep out on a bedroll. Take a guided safari to learn about the desert-adapted fauna and flora, and walk with San Bushmen who can show you how to survive in this harsh environment.

You might even find fossils of the giant hippo or zebra.

Greetings from the Edge of the Earth

Getting There: Fly into Johannesburg and catch a connecting flight to Maun, where you can take a light aircraft into the pan. In Greenland, the world's least populated country, there are no roads between any of the towns, leaving your transport options to boat, plane, helicopter, or dogsled. It's one of the world's most inhospitable places, where larger boats can navigate for only part of the year and where the growing season isn't long enough for fruits and vegetables. Fly into the isolated west coast town of Ilulissat or the nearby Saqqaq village, where each year, billions of tons of icebergs more than feet tall calve off and glide out of the fjord.

How to Experience the Edge: "Hiking during the summer is more akin to hiking on the moon," says traveler Elliot Gillies. Sailing among icebergs and taking helicopter trips to the ice sheet are other popular summer activities.

FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

In winter, take a dogsled trip. No ferries run to Greenland, but the country is a stop on many cruise itineraries.

PBS - Bill Moyers Reports: Earth on Edge - Ecosystems

This Himalayan mountain may not be the globe's highest point, but many religions revere it as the meeting place of heaven and Earth. Each year, thousands pilgrimage through the remote villages of Tibet's High Plateau and around Mt. A holy ritual, the trek at the edge of heaven is said to bring good fortune, and many travelers call the encounter life changing.

Kailash trek that explores Buddhist traditions along the way, with meditation in caves and visits to monasteries. Tour operator In the Saddle's Tibet horseback-riding trip gives you the chance to meet nomads and monks on the isolated grasslands of one of Earth's highest plateaus that stretches as far as the eye can see. Getting There: Soma Journeys' Mt. Kailash trip starts in Kathmandu, Nepal, where you can take two small airplanes into the plateau region for the hike.

In the Saddle's trip begins in Chengdu, China. At the edge of the world in southern Australia, great white sharks occasionally swim in the ocean below the imposing precipice of the Bunda Cliffs, which reach heights up to feet and stretch on for 62 miles. It's not much kinder or gentler up on the cliff top, the biggest single slab of limestone in the world. This remote, treeless, and arid Nullarbor Plain is nearly the size of the United Kingdom, but making the drive is the ultimate Aussie road trip. How to Experience the Edge: Follow the signs to one of the five main lookouts on gravel roads that lead from the Eyre Highway.

In winter at the eastern lookout, watch migrating southern right whales mating and calving by the shore. Nearby, you can also go cage diving with sharks or swim with dolphins and sea lions. Getting There: Check out Tourism Australia's six-day, 1,mile driving itinerary. Or take the Indian Pacific train on a track that claims the record for the longest, straightest section on the planet about miles. Here, trees are stunted and twisted by extreme weather, and everything in town feels permanently battened down.

There's nothing but miles and miles of water between you and the frozen loneliness of Antarctica. How to Experience the Edge: You can snap your photo by the sign in the archipelago's national park that marks the end of the Pan-American Highway, which runs to Alaska.

The Edge of the Earth. Climate Change in Photography and Video

But to get the real edge-of-the-world feeling, take a boat ride to Cape Horn, where circumnavigating ships used to sail before the Panama Canal opened. Real World Holidays' Encompass Argentina trip includes sea kayaking or canoeing among the farthest-flung islands so you can have the edge of the world all to yourself. At the world's southern tip, Antarctica has no buildings apart from the occasional abandoned scientific station.

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There are no roads or tracks, no power lines, no permanent inhabitants—nothing. It's a continent that is 98 percent covered by ice that averages at least a mile in thickness. But the magnitude of wildlife that is here, among intricately carved icebergs and giant glaciers, seems impossible, like a forgotten paradise. How to Experience the Edge: Glide through the waters of a glacial fjord in a small Aurora Expeditions ship dwarfed by ice-clad peaks on every side. Ride in an open-air zodiac to see penguins, whales, and elephant seals, or put on snorkel or dive gear and see them among the icebergs below the water's surface.

Overland treks and on-ice camping are other options.

Getting There: Large cruise ships and smaller expedition ships sail from South America.