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I agree with the article that we all need to be self-aware, request honest feedback, and we all need to do our part and improve our actions. I am writing this letter to voice my opinion on the topic, identify any limitations noticed, and give a recommendation for improvement. This article was an eye opener of all the different types of bullying that are out there and defining the difference of bullying and incivility.

The ANA Enterprise offered good advice that each individual should focus on taking care of themselves and encourage others to do the same to reduce stress to try and decrease while avoid bullying in the workplace.

Types of bullying

Being aware is extremely important and humbling. The only limitation noticed was the survey results that was created. The survey gives individuals the insight that they do have an issue at hand, but it does not seem specific. I recommend having a more specific survey on feedback. The comprehensive assessment to complete was helpful. I think this is a recommendation to be passed along while remembering what will reduce a bully free atmosphere when recognized. Great two examples given, and bullying takes many shapes and forms.

The nurse manager tip that you had given about giving each staff member the survey and have them personally reflect on the results is a great idea. I would like to implement this on my unit to see if any change would come out of the outcome. I also recommend during staff meetings to have a constructive criticism time while voicing areas of concern.

This may help staff realize their actions in a safe area and try to work on the negativity. References ANA Enterprise.

Healthy nurse, healthy nation year one highlights. American Nurse Today, 13 11 , Nursing Science Quarterly, 28 1 , Self-awareness and honest feedback can help you make a change. American Nurse Today, 14 1 , The author patiently captured the workplace menace that could impact how nurses function and provide high quality nursing care if bullying is not curbed. Most importantly, it could jeopardize patient experience and overall desired outcomes. In my personal opinion, managers could go a step further to introduce the self assessment tool during new hire orientation.

It could also be introduced during unit council meeting to generate a healthy conversation that could shed more light to the magnitude of the problem. Or, perhaps, we should all be bold enough to take Dr. Besides, the assessment tool has a larger goal to achieve that was not highlighted.

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Recover your password. Get help. American Nurse Today. Scope of the problem Bullying is widespread. Research has connected fatigue, sleep disturbance, stomach ulcers, migraine headaches, GI issues, poor concentration, excessive worrying, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder with bullying.

Researchers found increased incidence of neck pain and type 2 diabetes among bullied employees. When asked whether they intervened when they witnessed bullying in the workplace in the past 2 years: Follow this advice. Learn and practice conflict negotiation skills. Build healthy, respectful relationships.

What if the bully is you? When it comes to bullying, state law typically has stricter timelines and protections than federal law. But federal laws offer specific protections that can benefit kids with learning and thinking differences:. Kids with plans are covered by Section If bullying interferes with FAPE for a child with a plan, the school must act. Section and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA both prohibit discrimination at school against kids with disabilities, which can include kids with learning and thinking differences.

When kids are bullied because they have a disability, the school must act. The differences in how federal laws may protect your child can be confusing. It boils down to two key situations:. Kids with IEPs and plans are covered. Any child with a disability is covered.

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Other kids start making fun of him because his family is low-income. The bullying makes the child feel ashamed. But the bullying is interfering with his FAPE. How the school must respond: Once the school knows that bullying is impacting FAPE, they must take steps to stop the bullying. They must also take steps to prevent the bullying from happening again. The school must call an IEP meeting to talk about how the bullying has impacted his education. The team must discuss whether he needs additional services to remedy the bullying, like counseling. As a parent, you have the right to be at this meeting.

The process is similar with a plan. But when she reads aloud in class, she does so slowly and with difficulty. Other kids make fun of her for this and call her names. How the school must respond: Once school staff knows about the bullying, they must stop it and prevent it from happening again.

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In some cases, bullying based on a disability may also lead to a denial of FAPE. When that happens, the school must not only stop the bullying. It also has to call an IEP or plan meeting to discuss how services have been impacted. To see more examples and to learn more about federal law, see this PDF of bullying guidance from the U.

Department of Education.


When schools have to investigate bullying is a tricky area. The law says that if the school knows about bullying, it must act.

The Bully List

According to federal and most state laws, if a school even suspects bullying, it must investigate. Another tricky area? What officially counts as bullying. Not all conflict is bullying.

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  • And there can be a difference between bullying and teasing. So how does a school decide if something is severe enough to count as bullying? In this case, a school should look at the definition and examples of bullying in its state anti-bullying law. In general, state laws have broad definitions that cover many kinds of unwanted, aggressive behavior.

    So you may disagree with the school about whether something is bullying. Nevertheless, an option was given to add other options if the emotion experienced was not addressed in the options listed.

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    • The researchers collected the data during the students' class time, through meetings with the selected class groups sixth to ninth year of basic education. The researchers presented the questionnaire and then permitted its completion, taking an average 30 minutes. Throughout the procedure, the students were monitored and any doubts were clarified. For data analysis, the participants' answers were included in a Microsoft Excel worksheet for descriptive statistical treatment. This is basically aimed at summarizing information, so as to permit a global view of the variation in the scores.

      The results were organized and described in two ways: tables and descriptive measures. Before the data collection, all students received information about the research, and anyone interested in participating received the Free and Informed Consent Form, to be signed by a responsible caregiver. As regards the gender distribution, most subjects were female It was observed that more than three quarters of the participants indicated they had never failed any year Concerning the skin color, a predominance of mulatto and white participants is noted Table 1.

      Specifically concerning the involvement in situations of bullying, The distribution of the victimization between the sexes was equivalent. As regards the victims' age, a greater concentration was found at the age of 13 years For the aggressors, the percentage of boys Most aggressors were 14 years old As regards the nature of the aggressions the victims suffered, verbal aggressions were prevalent Among the girls, the aggressions were mostly focused on personal characteristics or other situations related to the female condition, like the use of make-up for example.

      On the opposite, among the girls, the aggressions converged in issues related to the skin color. They also mentioned, to a lesser extent, the disappearance of personal objects or their handling by colleagues without permission. On the other hand, the focus on the nature of the aggressions practiced indicates that, for the female sex, the verbal aggressions, mainly the nicknames, represent a tonic They also mention theft or damage to colleagues' personal objects.