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It's said that the writer Hans Christian Andersen might have invented them in the s! Many different types of cakes and biscuits are eaten over the Christmas period in Norway. One of the most popular is a special bread called 'Julekake' that has raisins, candied peel and cardamom in it.

Here's a recipe for Norwegian Hole Cake. Rice Porridge is eaten on Christmas Eve either as a meal at lunchtime served with butter, sugar and cinnamon or as a dessert to the main evening email with whipped cream mixed in! If you find an almond in your portion you're traditionally given a pink or white marzipan pig.

Tiny House Inspiration

The main meal is normally pork or mutton ribs served with 'surkal' white or red cabbage, finely chopped and cooked with caraway seeds and vinegar and potatoes. The tune is a traditional Norwegian folk tune. It tells the story of some mice getting ready for Christmas and the Mother and Father mice warning their children to stay away from mouse traps! It became popular very quickly and is now as popular as ever in Norway.

In an extra verse was thought to have been discovered that involved a cat! However this was a hoax by a Norwegian photographer called Ivar Kalleberg. There's also a video of some people singing it in Norwegian at a Christmas event, so you can try singing along! When nights are getting longer, and lakes will freeze to ice; Father Mouse warns strongly about a foul device: "If we avoid the mouse trap, we will have naught to fear.

We'll all be celebrating, at Christmas time this year. A Merry Christmas season is good for me and you. Mother Mouse is cleaning, each ceiling and each wall.

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She wants a home that's cosy, when Yuletide snowflakes will fall. A grubby home at Christmas, would be a great disgrace. So young ones dance a Polka, their tails sweep out the place. Heyday and howdy and toodeladdeloo. And finally the evening, the youngsters all await. They know they'll have permission to stay up very late. A toe-less boot is spruced up with nails that they have found.

New Year's Day

And then some flimsy cobwebs which they can drape around. Father Mouse now tells them that they should form a ring. Each mouse should use its right paw, to take its neighbor's tail. Then listen as Old Granny sings a lovely Fairy tale. They have for Christmas dinner, grilled Arctic halibut And then an old tradition, they share a hazel nut. There's sticky candy paper. A spicy Yuletide Ham. They all can savour its bouquet and taste some apple jam.

Old Granny's Christmas Present is a brand-new rocking chair.

A hollowed-out potato which her kin have gnawed with flair. Now Granny starts her singing, the youngsters sing along. They always love to join her in their favorite Christmas song. However, in true tiny house movement tradition, he also used as many recycled items he could find. Lucky for Luke, most people collect an enormous amount of junk which they tend to leave piling up in their garages. While cleaning, he came across many materials that he realized could be put to good use.

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One family friend even had an old front door lying around. There are times when there is only so much you can learn from a YouTube DIY video, and at times Luke needed to work in exchange for assistance rather than money. There were also some things that he could not do solo, such as wiring a house for electricity. He was getting asked for daily updates as people were interested in his work. Although he was happy with the enthusiasm, he needed to find an alternative to answering the same questions multiple times.

He decided to start his own YouTube channel, like the ones he was watching, in order to record each step along the way and update everyone on the process. It was not long before he had many followers. To his relief, Luke was not in trouble.

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Instead, a reporter was there wanting to interview Luke about his project for an article. His YouTube video had caught the attention of many and this reporter wanted to know more. The young boy happily accepted and allowed the reporter, who was good friends with the principal, to ask him all about his plan. Over a year later, Luke Thill was finally ready to start the building process. He had gathered all the materials needed from his jobs around the neighborhood and had saved up a decent amount of money. With all the excitement and attention, Thill was more ready than ever to start.

Christmas in the UK, British culture, customs and traditions in December - Christmas Celebrations

He had the materials, did the research, and began his project. However, the process was not as smooth as he thought it would be…. Luke wanted to put a creative spin on some parts of his house. He decided to make a colorful countertop made from broken pieces of stained glass and glaze. After watching a YouTube video on the process he felt comfortable that he could replicate it.

However, it did not go to plan as hoped. Luke arranged the bits of glass in position and added the glaze. Except the glaze just leaked through the mold that he used. Fortunately, this hiccup did not stop him. One day a representative from TinyFest Midwest contacted Luke. TinyFest is a festival that celebrates and values the ideals of tiny houses.

The representative asked Luke to deliver a speech at their event. After recently earning his Boy Scout merit badge for public speaking, there was no better boy for the job. Luke featured on the TinyFest website. The house was almost liveable, it even had electricity.

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There was only one thing that Luke could not manage for his tiny house, and that was the plumbing. After numerous attempts, the job seemed far too great. Therefore, the house had no running water and consequently no bathroom.

The real test came when Luke spent his first night in his tiny house to check the standards before completely finalizing everything. With temperatures below freezing at the peak of winter, he decided to test the house out for insulation.