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Annual statistics. FAO, Rome. Franco, T. Hidalgo eds. Velez-Sanchez, and J. Goldenberg, L. Yaniv, R. Porat, and N. Mandarin fruit quality: a review. Food Agric. Undegraduate thesis. Guadalupe, N. Castro, M. Buyatti, P. Gabriel, and N. Factors affecting phenology of different Citrus varieties under the temperate climate conditions of Santa Fe, Argentina.

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Paul Engel’s external publications and contributions

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Tecnologías para la Producción Agropecuaria

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Riverside, California, USA. Roose, M. Gmitter , R.

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Lee, and K. Conservation of citrus germplasm: an international survey. Acta Hortic. Sartori, I. Koller, S. Schwarz, R. Bender, and G. Uribe-Bustamante, A.

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    Following data extraction and analysis, the funders of the study identified that no systematic reviews on genetically modified foods had been included. However, they were able to find six potential systematic reviews relevant to the topic of genetically modified foods. Of these, four were excluded for not meeting the inclusion criteria Supplementary File 1. The seven additional articles identified in Figure 1 include these six systematic reviews, plus one found by chance when searching PubMed for systematic reviews for a related overview on sustainable energy 30 30 Yip CS, Crane G, Karnon J.

    The selection process for economic evaluations and the numbers at each stage are also shown in Figure 1.