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Similar to ancient and modern semitic languages, Jordanian adds a suffix to a word to indicate possession. In a sentence, the pronouns change into prefixes to adjust to the verb, its time and its actor. Qdar is the infinitive form of the verb can. This is common in many countries that speak languages or dialects derived from Arabic and can prove to be quite confusing. The writing system varies; whenever a book is published, it is usually published in English, French, or in MSA and not in Levantine.

The most common is the scholastic Jordanian Latin alphabet JLA system which uses many accents to distinguish between the sounds this system is used within this article. Other Levantine countries, however, use their own alphabets and transliterations, making cross-border communication inconvenient. It is also the language used to write and read in formal situations if English is not being used.

However, MSA is not spoken during regular conversations.

How To Speak Arabic In Jordan - Easy Arabic Phrasebook With Travel Tips

MSA is taught in most schools and a large number of Jordanian citizens are proficient in reading and writing formal Arabic. However, foreigners residing in Jordan who learn the Levantine language generally find it difficult to comprehend formal MSA, particularly if they did not attend a school that teaches it. Other influences include English , French , Turkish , and Persian. Many loan words from these languages can be found in the Jordanian dialects, particularly English.

However, students also have the option of learning French in schools. Currently, there is a small society of French speakers called Francophone and it is quite notable in the country. The language is also spoken by people who are interested in the cultural and commercial features of France. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Language family. Writing system. South Levantine. Levantine Bedawi. Retrieved 8 August Glottolog 3. Retrieved on 19 October Varieties of Arabic. Proto-Arabic Old Arabic.

The Lowdown on Levantine Arabic - Our Blog

Classical Modern Standard. Bareqi Hejazi Sedentary Bedouin. Afghani Khorasani Central Asian Arabic. Sicilian Arabic , Maltese.

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Nothing advanced here, but ideal for total beginners or visitors. I'd advise you to stay away from this book.

It's sold on Amazon and seems to be frequently suggested as a 'suggested purchase' when you buy anything else relating to Jordanian Arabic. Unfortunately, the contents are not very useful.

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  • The most important words in :.
  • The book also does not use Arabic script; it is all transliterated. Caveat emptor. These are all the posts from 'The Arabic Student's blog relating to the Jordanian dialect. It was last updated in , but as a resource it's extremely useful, and he covers a numbers of explanations of phrases, grammar and other interesting features of the dialect.

    Posts often discuss specific videos or sections of videos in detail, so it's a great place to get a taste for the unique features of the dialect alongside some entertainment and comedy. I co-host this podcast together with Lina Obeidat. We discuss a new topic each week. Show notes include translations of difficult words. The idea behind this podcast was to have some materials available for intermediate students that weren't too difficult, but at the same time didn't dumb things down by using too much English and so on.

    Details on how to subscribe are available here , or just follow us on Soundcloud. Talk In Arabic is a great resource for those who want spoken materials in the various dialects of the Arab-speaking world. The Levantine Dialect section contains a few dozen videos and audio lessons in Jordanian dialect alongside thematically-organised vocabulary lists. Everything is available as audio files with transcripts and translations so this is a useful service.

    Note that the site isn't updated that often, so you might find you can make use of all the materials in a month or two. This is a fun comedy starring comedy superstars, Tima Shomali and Raja'ee Qawwas.

    Survival Arabic: Lesson 01 - Greetings

    I've watched the three seasons of this show through from start to finish and learnt a lot in the process. The level is suitable for an intermediate-level speaker. I'd recommend starting at with season 1, episode 1 , to give it a try:. This is a medical comedy set in Jordan. Think Scrubs , or think someone trying to imitate Scrubs in the Middle East. The Arabic is also at an appropriate level for someone who has a year or two under their belt.

    Roya is Jordan's preeminent contemporary TV channel. They commission most of the new dramas, comedies and other shows coming out of the country. There's always something interesting to watch here. To watch only their news click here. For their comedy shows, click here. For drama shows, click here. Highly recommended as a way to get exposure to the sound of the dialect. You can view news broadcasts and more traditional dramas. The content is much more staid in comparison to Roya, but it exposes you to a different style of speech and local culture, so perhaps find a way to intersperse this in with your Roya comedies and dramas.

    There are also some exercises to go through to test your comprehension. Here's two Jordanians talking about the education system using dialect. Note the transcripts and translations below. More Jordanian comedy shows. If you watch enough locally-produced TV and comedy you will notice that the same faces show up in many different programmes.

    Note that N20 has branched out to include other dialects, but it should be fairly easy to distinguish which is which. Lots of material here. Select Arabic.

    Everything You Need to Study Jordanian Arabic — A Different Place

    You'll be presented with a number of stories read by people from different countries. Jordan is one of them. Compare and contrast with the other dialects. This is more a resource to sharpen your ear. Mother-tongue Arabic speakers grew up among this diversity and so are attuned to the tonal and phrasal differences between dialects. This is a resource that can help you improve this skill on your own.

    This is a great database and resource of authentic spoken materials in the form of recorded and transcribed phone conversations. Select Arabic and then Levantine. It'll mostly be clear when items relate to Jordan. Each conversation comes with a transcription, translation and study plan. The recordings usually last around ten minutes, so it's perfect for a quick study session.

    The most important vocabulary to know during your trip in Jordan

    Use this to get exposure to authentic natural language. You can select the dialect for which you see materials Levantine, in this case and it'll show you different exercises to complete. There were over unique items as of January Once you go into the individual items, it states which country the dialect is from. I really like that you can choose whether you want the questions and instructions in Arabic, though the interface itself is really horrible.

    Here's one of the exercises where you pair off words to two columns, depending on the meaning:. Despite the issues with the interface, there's loads of really useful material to work your way through here. This is a great resource. This YouTube channel covers a number of dialects, but you can click through to the playlists to choose Jordan-specific materials.