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Possibly ruining a woman's career. If anyone can't remember what OP is referring to, Lorelai drunkenly messes with the seating chart and Emily blames it on the wedding planner.

EG: "She did get confused. Confused about what her profession should be.

I fired her, that should clear things up for her. Lorelai definitely didn't seem drunk when she did that.

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She just used being drunk as an excuse. She also stops her decorator from working for Emily and then ends things with her anyway. Actually that was Emily. Lorelai only mentioned to Natalie she didn't want her mom to know what was going on and Natalie blew off Emily.

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Emily then in turn called Lorelai and went on and on about how horrible Lorelai was for telling someone not to talk to her until Lorelai said she wouldn't use the designer. Emily cost Natalie the job. Well, Emily fires her maid every week and she doesn't care either. She was pretty much finished anyway, since there was only one day left to go. And Emily brags about how good severence pay she gives when she fires maids so maybe she was better off for it.

And it was just for laughs. Sometimes it's okay to look at the man behind the curtain. Completely agree, especially the last line.

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Sometimes people here are way too sensitive. She also rearranged Sherry's bathroom cupboard and she was sober then. I think she was annoyed that they were having a girl and the name they picked was similar to Rory's. That was immature too, haha. Bad references and reviews from Emily could mean the poor wedding planner never worked again. Losing a job because of a stupid prank is not funny.

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I thought it was hilarious. It's a television show.

First Preparations before a Wedding. Post, Emily. Etiquette

Whether you're helping a little or a lot, or—like most moms—are serving as combination coach, diplomat, and troubleshooter, this planner is packed with useful ideas, including:. Peggy Post will help you navigate finances, guest list, ceremony, and reception details; interact with your daughter's or son's future in-laws; and plan your role including your outfit!

Peggy writes a monthly column in Good Housekeeping and an online wedding etiquette column for the New York Times. Emily Post's Etiquette, Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition.

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