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Vergleichsstudien zur Wirksamkeit von Methylphenidat und Atomoxetin fehlen bislang.

Die Symptomatik tritt nach dem Absetzen meist wieder auf. Interessenkonflikt Dr.

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PD Dr. Manuskriptdaten eingereicht: However, it has recently become clear from numerous studies that core symptoms of ADHD persist into adulthood in a substantial subgroup of patients.

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Methods: Selective review of relevant literature in Medline, up to September Core symptoms include attention deficit in the presence of understimulation, chronic restlessness, impulsivity, disorganized behaviour, and disorders of affect regulation. The extent of psychosocial impairment depends on symptom severity, psychiatric comorbidity such as addiction or depression , and psychosocial support. As in childhood, ADHD in adulthood is a clinical diagnosis.

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Genetic factors probably play a key role in primary ADHD. Treatment should include psychotherapy and medical treatment. Discussion: ADHD in adulthood is commoner than for example bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

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It may be regarded as a risk factor for the development of other psychiatric conditions. Highly effective treatment is possible not only in childhood but also in adulthood. The problem of off-label use of psychotrophic medication in adults limits treatment in adult ADHD. Dtsch Arztebl ; 17 : —7 DOI: Fortschr Neurol Psychiat ; — Nervenarzt ; — Annu Rev Med ; — PychoNeuro , — Insights from Nordbaden Germany on administrative prevalence and physician involvement in health care provision.

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Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry ; — J Atten Disord ; 6 Suppl 1: 7— J Pediatr Psychol ; — Biol Psychiatry ; 1: — J Psychiatr Res ; — Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr ; — Therefore, mental disorders are frequently linked to adverse effects on the employment situation of persons affected. In recent years, a considerable increase of the proportion of persons with mental impairments among the SGB-II-recipients has been found. The current study pursued two core objectives.

This investigation focused specifically on the biographical experiences of persons concerned with their mental disorder and with employment or unemployment. Moreover, we examined the expectations mentally ill SGB-II-recipients have for counseling and support and the previous experiences they had at the job centers.

On the other hand, a central focus of the study was the characteristics of concrete case processing and the special support of mentally ill SGB-II-recipients provided by job centers, as well as by institutions of psychiatric and psychosocial health care.

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Amongst others, the questions examined were, how the specialists in the job centers recognize mental disorders, which counseling and support strategies they pursue, what offers for funding and support they consider to be most appropriate for mentally ill SGB-II-recipients, and what challenges they are confronted with by counseling and supporting mentally ill SGB-II-recipients. In interviews with health care providers, the question of the importance of employment within the treatment context was explored.

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Further, health care providers were questioned as to which conditions would be necessary to reintegrate mentally ill SGB-II-recipients into the labour market.