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Ten new chapter Lesestiicke readings and one new Wzederholung review reading include more selections on the former German Democratic Republic, a greater number on literature, more on recent events in German, Austrian and Swiss history and culture, and readings that invite students to compare cultures and see U. Due to reviewer response, the Lektiire readings at the back of the text have been removed; Lekture on die Familie Mendelsohn and Carl von Ossietzky have been adapted as chapter or review readings. Spelling with the exception of those in some cited texts in the current edition conforms to new German spelling regulations.

A companion Web site is planned to contain the readings that appear in each chapter plus new comprehension questions and activities about the readings designed to let students practice specific reading skills. The Web site will also include an online answer key, allowing students to check their answers to the Ubungssatze in the textbook.

Wzerlerholungew,which recycle structures and a good deal of vocabulary after every five chapters, present students with lengthier reading and translation challenges. Vocabulary lists and chapter readings cover topics in history, philosophy, art history, music, economirs, the environment and political thought.

Page glossing for Lrsrstiickc focuses on those words and terms that are specific to the reading at hand. Words that appear more frequently are to be found in the German-English Wortschatzli. Suggestions on "Choosing a Dictionary" can b e found in Appendix C.

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Additions and revisions to the new edition have been made with needs of those readers in mind. Acknowledgments It is with continued appreciation to Hubert Jannach's basic approach in Grrman for Reading Knowledge that I forge ahead in the fourth and fifth editions of the textbook.

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I should like to thank my colleagues in the Department of Germanic Languages at Columbia University for their support and to extend vielen vielen Dank to Columbia students and instructors who have assisted immeasurably in the revisions in the fifth edition. Juni Kapitel Kapitel Die Hessen im Amerikanischen Freiheitskrieg Whereas English has only one form of the definite article, the, which does not differentiate gender or number, German has four forms of the definite article: three singular and one plural. Dictionaries and the vocabulary lists in this book indicate nouns as rn.

The corresponding German definite articles are as follows. Masculine: Feminine: Neuter: Plural, all genders: der die das die 1. Because of the synthetic nature of German it is essential from the beginning to learn each noun together with its gender-specific article. To be able to read German with accuracy it is essential to learn the gender of each noun, since recognizing the gender of a noun is key to deciphering overall meaning and recognizing the function of the noun in a given situation.

The general aids given in the following sections and in subsequent chapters will help you learn and remember the genders of German nouns; otherwise, consult a dictionary for assistance. The follouring aids are starting points to heip you determine the gender of a noun.

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Masculine C. Neuter The following nouns are always masculine. The following nouns are alu,ays neuter. Nouns denoting male beings people, animals, professions : der Vater l;rtl? Nouns ending in -ig, -ich, -ing, -ast, -mus: der Kiinig kinX der Palast palace der Teppich carpet, rag der Sozialismus soaaltsm der Sperling sparrow 5.

Points of the compass: der Norden north der Osten east der Suden south der Westen west 1. Most nouns of foreign origin that end in das Auto uuto das Embargo embargo das Radio radio das Agio lee das Video video 3. Infinitives used as nouns: das Kommen coming das Lernen learning das Gehen going das Denken thinking das Wissen knowledge das Sein being 4.


Feminine 1. Nouns denoting female beings people, animals, professions : die Mutter mother die Kuh cow die Freundin friend die Gottin goddess die Henne hen die Kiinstlerin artist 2. Names of most trees, fruits, and flowers: die Tomate tomato die Eiche oak die Kastanie chestnut die Rose rose die Birne pear die Orchidee orchid 3. Nouns ending in -ei, -ie, -ik, -in, -ion, -heit, -keit, -schaft, -tat, -ung, -ur: die Backerei bakery die Gesundheit health 2:,. Note that the forms of the verb sein are irregular in both the present and the past tense; no other verb follows the pattern of sein in the present tense.

See Kapitel2. Ich bin der Professor. Ich bin 40 Jahre alt. Ich bin gesund. Du bist die Studentin.

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Du bist 21 Jahre alt. Du bist jung und gesund. Der Mann ist der Arzt. Er ist gesund, aber der Patient ist krank. Die Patienten sind im Krankenhaus in the hospital. Sie sind nicht gesund, sie sind krank.

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A r m i n und Jorn, seid ihr krank? Herr Meyer ist krank. Er ist im Krankenhaus. Schmidt ist unsere Arztin. Sie ist sehr intelligent. Note that German has three words for you: du, ihr, and Sie. When speaking or writing to children, relatives, colleagues, and close friends, Germans use the familiar form of address: du for the singular, ihr for the plural the second and fifth examples. In all other situations, the formal Sie always capitalized is used for both the singular and plural the last two examples. Willi Brandt und Helmut Schmidt waren auch Bundeskanzler. Kiicher von Thomas Mann waren sehr lang.

The bools by Giinthcr C;ras. Examine the two verb forms in the last example. Das Buch, a singular noun.

Die Biicher, a plural noun, is the subject of the second sentence; waren is the plural form of the verb and corresponds to the plural subject. Which other sentences exhibit a plural subject and verb? In all conjugations, pay particular attention to verb forms in the third person singular or plural; these forms constitute the vast majority of the verb forms encountered in academic reading. Past tense of sein 1. See Kapitel3 and Kapitel4.

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Word order in information questions Helmut Kohl war Bundeskanzler. E r war Christdemokrat. Helmut Kohl was Federal Chancellor He was a Christian Demomat. Kapitel 1 Interrogatives seek information specifically related to the question word that initiates the question. The main verb of the sentence follows the interrogative in second position.

In the case of such questions as was fiir ein? Note the posltion of each interrogative and verb in the fcjllowing questions. Wo ist die Universitat?

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Wbert, is the school university? Wohin gehen Sie? Where are you going to. What kind of u book is that? Was fiir Biicher sind das? What kind ofhooks are they? Wie vie1 kostet das Huch?