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This bucolic park, designed in , is a real floral bouquet in summer. The Roseraie floral park reinvents itself Called the rose garden by the poitevins, the floral park is the witness of a time, the seventies, when the floral parks were in vogue. With this experience, the new development since June 3, still positions the park as the showcase of horticultural expertise of the city while wanting to be a source of floral and landscape inspiration for visitors.

The composition has been modernized and the plants renewed. More than 6, new species have been planted in the park, sure enough to find ideas for the gardens and terraces of visitors. An interactive map for the Rose Garden Botanical enthusiasts can find a hundred plants via an interactive map available in the Parks and Gardens section of the city of Poitiers website, or by flicking the QR code of the panels of each plant on the park. In addition to their profile, it is possible to know their adaptability in a particular garden thanks to the questionnaire "Is this plant made for me?

Like a stage set, the new park offers a multitude of scenes: A modern rose garden, where roses are staged in large clumps, according to their colors and associated with perennials to show visitors how they can evolve in their gardens. The gourmet table with mouth-watering plants, where a large circular table exposes in its center a group of predominantly red plants. This staging invites the visitor to discover an imaginary banquet with flowers. We evaluate what we give according to what it cost us, what we had to give up. Our gift says what our value is, our qualities, our generosity as we see it ourselves.

This is the difference between this elderly woman and the wealthy who put their offering in the trunk : she kept nothing. We adjust our walk in faith and prudence, taking into account the human and divine part of our being, and also what comes from faith and what comes from prudence. It is only when we have encountered God in his Providence that we can give everything in our life.

We prepare our hearts to encounter God, to discover the source of all Love, which delivers itself up for us without expecting anything back and without holding onto anything for oneself. Jesus must reign in our life as in the life of this little elderly lady who drops in two small coins into the trunk, all of her wealth.

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Jesus tells us she gave much more than others and this has us reflect upon the place of God in our lives. Are we calculating, giving what is superfluous in us that says something about the gift of God for us, about the way we put it to work. For sure, it is right to be prudent, but we can place ourselves in the centre of the situation and not in an attitude of faith.

If human nature has laws which we respect, we participate also in divine life which has its ow markings.

There are not any contradictions in this, but there are some paradoxes. Tristan Tzara 's Dada manifesto and the resulting Dada movement were very much a product of the interbellum : "Dadaists both embraced and critiqued modernity, imbuing their works with references to the technologies, newspapers, films, and advertisements that increasingly defined contemporary life".

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The Rive Gauche , or left bank, of the Seine in Paris , was and is primarily concerned with the arts and the sciences. American writers of the Lost Generation , like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway , met and mingled in Paris with exiles from dictatorships in Spain and Yugoslavia.

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Montparnasse was, he said, "the navel of the world". The avant-garde movement saw many of its members adhere to the French Communist Party and share their desire to break from the bourgeoisie. Jean Cocteau , while he denied belonging to the surrealists, was unquestionably avant-garde and collaborated with many of its members. In the s, Parisian nightlife was greatly influenced by American culture. One of its greatest influences was the ragtime called jazz , which became very popular in Paris. The band, known as the Harlem Hellfighters of the th Infantry Regiment , " In a new revue, La Folie du Jour , in which she danced the number "Fatou" wearing a costume revealing all but a skirt made of a string of artificial bananas.

Wearing only her loincloth of bananas, Baker suggestively performed " danse sauvage " to a Charleston tempo — a genre still new to Europe.

Her French producer Jacques-Charles produced her dance numbers with French preconceptions of eroticized savages in mind. The scandal which erupted over Baker's dancing gave way to enthusiasm and quickly generated excitement among Parisians for jazz and black music. The Charleston can be danced solo, in pairs or in groups, to the rhythms of jazz. It is based on the movements of the body weight from one leg to the other, with the feet turned inward and knees slightly bent.

Of all the fashionable cabarets , the most famous was called Le Boeuf sur le Toit where the pianist and French composer Jean Wiener played. Such entertainment reached only a tiny part of the French population, the elite. Nevertheless, it gave the impulse, created the event. American culture of the Roaring Twenties had a substantial influence on France, which imported jazz, the Charleston , and the shimmy , as well as cabaret and nightclub dancing.

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  • Josephine Baker danced the Charleston almost naked, with provocative gestures set to music by Sidney Bechet. Important Paris designers like Paul Poiret fought to design clothes for her.

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    In she starred in the silent film Siren of the Tropics , which opened to rave reviews. The s also marked a renewal in ballet. The Ballets Russes were based in Paris during this time. Alas, it did not meet with public success.

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    Another important form of entertainment where salons. Princess de Polignac 's gatherings continued to be important to avant-garde music. People often went to the Casino de Paris , the Paris concert, the concert Mayol and the theater; spectacles, attractions, and songs occurred at a rapid pace. Artistic productions had a meteoric rise. Some of the best-known examples were American-influenced shows at the Casino de Paris -- Paris qui dance , Cach' ton piano , and Paris qui jazz —21 , Mon homme and Dans un fauteuil gave rise to stardom for Maurice Chevalier and Mistinguett.

    A number of classical music composers, such as those of the School of Paris and Les Six , also flourished at this time. Up to a thousand performances were played in just two years. Attendance at sporting venues increased significantly in the years following the war and the press gave sporting events an audience and growing popularity.

    The newspapers played a significant role in promoting sports through dedicated sports pages, giving popularity to the Tour de France , football and rugby. Moreover, sports, which previously had been limited only to those of affluent backgrounds, now began to extend to the masses.